So, the wedding plans are in full swing, the all-important scrap book is dramatically overflowing, and those fresh, new Pinterest boards are sparkling just as much as that beautiful ring on your finger!

You feel well prepared, organised and on track with your plans, so far so good, but there is just something missing, something you’ve not experienced or gotten involved with yet?

Yes, we feel you… It’s the world of wedding shows!

What are these wedding fairs that you keep seeing magically pop up on your newsfeeds now you’ve said “yes”?

Wedding shows are just like a pretty, glitzy exhibition for all engaged couples, an ideal place to find out just what is on offer in the wedding industry and even better, it’s also a room full of passionate, local businesses who together, have enough knowledge and ideas for you to last a life time!

Let us give you just a select few reasons to why you should be attending your local wedding shows:

  • Be inspired and kept up to date with the latest trends.

From wedding décor inspiration to showstopping catwalk displays with the latest bridal gowns and designer suits. Look at items, products and services that you would have never considered or thought about without attending wedding shows!

  • Save time!

It can get a little overwhelming trawling through hundreds of sites online trying to find the right supplier for you. Roll up to a wedding show and get the chance to meet a room full of wedding business owners who have invested their time and money in being at the show to meet YOU!

Think of it as a one stop shop.

  • Meet small, local independent businesses who care

It is always a great feeling to support a small, local business over the “big guy” brands and well-known names. Paying an independent business is providing a family an income and you are bringing genuine joy to a small business owner who works hard and is proud of the service they can provide you.

Wedding Show Wedding Fairs Dorset Somerset Wiltshire  South West Wedding Cake Designer

Get advice from experienced professionals

The business owners you get to meet have the most incredible experience and stories to tell, they can relate to the pressure you feel when planning a wedding and know just how to make you feel at ease, lighten the load and help make your overall experience a better one.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions and take their advice.

  • You might be lucky enough to grab something extra!

Whether it is a freebie offered at the show whilst booking or a fantastic, unmissable discount (Not forgetting the free cake samples too!). Suppliers are keen to chat and be in with the chance of working with you during your special day, so the likelihood of a special offer or promotion running during the show is very high!

  • See your potential suppliers in action

You can guarantee that you’ll be able to scan a room at a wedding show and pick out the wedding businesses that you are instantly attracted too.

Everyone connects with different people for different reasons, so if you are drawn to bright, bubbly and eccentric people, then you can spot them from a mile off, get on over there and have a natter with them.

Wedding Show Wedding Fairs Dorset Somerset Wiltshire South West Wedding Cake Designer Donuts Table Plan Idea

Here are some top tips for you attending your first few wedding shows!

  • Plan ahead, attend the show with suppliers in mind!

If you know what type of suppliers you are looking for and plan to chat too, it gives you a few little goals to set and you can leave the show knowing that it was worthwhile.

  • Ask plenty of questions

All suppliers exhibiting at a show are extremely passionate and knowledgeable, so they LOVE to share this all with you. So, don’t be afraid to ask them questions or for advice on any ideas or plans you may have.

  • Wear suitable clothes and shoes

This goes without saying, wedding shows are pretty tiring! Don’t regret wearing those cute little heels and let it ruin your time and concentration.

  • Consider who you take with you

Of course, a wedding show always seems like a great opportunity to take the entire bridal party and make a day of it, but sometimes too many voices and opinions can be a little overwhelming for you and your ideas/plans.

  • Take details/business cards and keep the safe

We have lost count of how many times we’ve had frantic couples contact us after a show, panicking that they have misplaced details of the supplier they fell in love with at one of our shows. Most shows provide goodie bags so keep it safe and collect details as you go round too!

  • Take your diary!

You may be going with ‘just a browse’ in mind, but if you happen to bump into a bridal shop who have your dream dress but they have limited appointments available, you’d have wished you’d have bought your diary along with you.

  • Stop and chat. Don’t be shy.

You’ve dedicated your time to visit the event, so be sure to get involved with suppliers and enjoy their advice, tips and support!

Don’t skim past their stands with faces to the floor, smile and say hello and they will be more than thrilled to have a good old chat.

Wedding Show Wedding Fairs Dorset Somerset Wiltshire South West Wedding Dress Inspiration
  • Show up refreshed and full.

There is nothing worse than walking round a busy show with a dry mouth or rumbling tummy. Make sure you eat and drink plenty before you arrive, or check if there is an onsite café ready for a pit stop half way round, it will make a world of difference!

  • Have your Pinterest boards and scrapbooks at the ready if the moment arises

A supplier will love an organised couple and will be on hand instantly to let you know if they can help you with your big day, so be sure to pack your ideas and have them at hand if you get into conversation with any business owner.

Have you yet to experience wedding shows? Or are you looking to attend a few more before the big day?

The Wedding Emporium shows are held twice per year and cover Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and the surrounding areas! Be sure to pop over to view our upcoming list of shows here.

Lots of love,
TWE Team x

All images by Hannah Sharpe Photography