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Would you believe that in the 13 years of owning Tessa’s Tiaras that this is the first ever blog? 


It was really hard to settle on what to blog about as there is just so much to share… I decided to write about some of the really different ideas and challenges that we have been involved in, quite often stemming from an idea from the bride themselves, that we make possible.


Okay, here goes!



  1. 1) Incorporating a specific theme into an accessory.

By this I don’t mean the generic ‘1950’s era’ or ‘something blue’, I mean Music, Cricket, Swans, or Wasps!  All of these have been requested.  My personal favourites have to be the musical notes tiara that I designed and made using the colours of the wedding and forming the shape of the tiara into sheet music and the delicate all wirework swans on a tiara.  Both tiaras were subtle enough that you had to look to see the themes but obvious enough once you did spot it.


  1. 2) Re-purposing memories.

Sadly there are occasions where your loved ones are no longer with you.  One of my brides brought some broken strings of pearls from her late mother’s pearl choker to me. All of the pearls were of different sizes and condition.  I managed to create her bridal tiara, bracelets for the flowergirls and after careful bead reaming, cravat pins and cufflinks for the groomsmen.  The bride’s entire family had a piece to cherish and to continue to pass down the family over the years to come.

Your Title Goes Here

  1. 3) Re-creating traditions.

 It has long been a tradition to save the top tier of the wedding cake for the 1st year wedding anniversary/christening.  Did you know that christening gowns used to be made from your bridal gown too? I had the pleasure of making my first christening gown for the most gorgeous little boy this year.  It gave my heart quite a flutter when I started to take apart what was, I believe, a three generation wedding gown!  All the pieces were then checked for damage and washed before the new pattern was cut.  The only new pieces used that were not from the original dress were the threads themselves, the tiny upcycled mother of pearl buttons to the back and the embroidery of the child’s name and date of birth to bottom of the gown.


  1. 4) Pimping the comfy shoes!

That’s right, shoes that do not kill your feet are sometimes the hardest part of an outfit to find, and finding bridal shoes that are comfortable and pretty makes it even harder.  We do not supply the shoes but we do make decorative shoe clips for if you want your shoes to go back to normal after, and/or can apply crystals and details to a pair of shoes that you’ve already tried and tested and worn in around the house without giving the game away.


  1. 5) Embroidery touches.

We do have an embroidery machine, otherwise known as ‘Sid’. Once I’ve created the design and the lettering, threaded up the colours and resized where needed, Sid does all the hard work.  Sid has been able to embroider directly onto veiling tulle, logos, create lace; he makes the parts for our steam punk style embroidered hats that we use in fascinators and embroiders beautiful lettering on sew in pieces such as labels and onto handkerchieves.  We love Sid but he is a noisy work colleague!  So you see, when we say that there is no harm in having a chat with us about your ideas, we really mean it!