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What do you most love about running your wedding business?

My love for photography started off with taking landscapes pictures as a hobby, never did I imagine it would become a career. I was always very shy & not that confident in my own ability if I am being really honest but I got approached to shoot a friends wedding and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back since.

The sense of pride I feel when I see the smiles on my couples faces when they view their pictures is just such an amazing feeling, I feel like with every wedding we have been on a real journey together and I don’t believe there are many professions out there like that.

I love how my wedding business has made me view the world in a different light, for someone else what might be a passing glance or a quick smile to me is the opportunity to capture a treasured memory.

I have made genuine friendships along the way not only with my Bride & Grooms but their families, guests and many of the amazing staff who work at the venues.

Each day is so different as it is personal to my couples and this keeps my passion alive. I am truly proud to say I am a wedding photographer.


What has been your biggest achievement in business so far?

This has to be the question I found most difficult to answer, as I believe as your business grows your achievements grow with you.

So many moments in my career have made me feel a massive sense of achievement, from my first abroad wedding, to being a finalist at the wedding awards, to having my first front cover on a magazine. These all stick with you as real highlights.

This brings me to my answer though and this may seem an odd choice but my greatest achievement is when I receive a recommendation via word of mouth from someone who has had me as their photographer or been at a wedding where I have been the photographer.

I feel many wedding photographers have beautiful portfolios of work online to view but to be recommended by someone who has seen the finished product and has not only liked your photos but also seen you in action at work means you accomplished what you set out to do and that was not only give your couples amazing memories but create a full experience. It is really important to me that people enjoy me being at their wedding.

A good reputation in this business is everything and I have been unbelievably lucky to work with the most amazing people, who have helped me boost and further my business.


If you were to win, what would this do for your wedding business?

To have my business associated with the Bristol and Somerset Wedding awards would not only be a great honour but to even just be shortlisted in such a well known awards would help to promote my business to new customers and improve awareness about my company.

I feel to win an award builds a culture of trust in your business and demonstrates to future Brides and Grooms that Adam Rumble Photography stands out from the crowd and is a business that is going places.

It would also be amazing to share such a status through my social media and marketing.


How many weddings have you completed from 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018