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Category: Make-up Artist

Trading: 4 Years

What do you most love about running your wedding business?

As a little girl walking through my hallway in my mothers’ heels with a net curtain draped over my head and secured with an Alice band as a tiara, the visions of how I would look as a bride (which in my mind were always a lot more grand than a net curtain!!) and how my wedding would pan out had already begun. We all know how long women secretly (or sometimes not so secretly) dream of their big day. To now be in a position where I can help a bride achieve those visions and make her feel like a princess on such a special day is a true blessing, and something I don’t take lightly.

In my view, make up is an important part of any brides experience. Their face will be seen not only all day, but in years to come by numerous people in their wedding photos. Being entrusted to create what a bride has envisaged is an honour as it really is such an important part. A brides face cannot be hidden and enhancing their natural beauty is one of my favourite things.

Seeing a brides reaction the first time they see their face after I have finished is my reward. As cliche as it may sound, it makes the early alarms, long drives, time away from my family and hours of preparation worth every second because I know I’ve played a role in making someone’s dream and vision a reality on one of the biggest days of their life.

More specifically, make up has so much power. People can often forget how beautiful they are, we as women are often far too critical of ourselves. I love being able to help people see beauty in themselves. It doesn’t have to involve heaps of make up, but just talking through someone’s face shape, their natural bone structure, or their insanely beautiful natural lashes (an obsession of mine haha!) can help people see themselves differently. A little make up, applied correctly, can make such a difference and I have seen peoples’ self confidence change dramatically in front of my eyes. We all suffer with confidence issues and so to be able to build someone’s confidence is something that is so important to me as a make up artist. 


What has been your biggest achievement in business so far?

The easy answer to this question would of course be winning the award last year and yes, that probably is my single biggest achievement in my business so far – being recognised from feedback from my own brides is unfathomable.

However, when I sit back and really look at what I have achieved, there has actually been so much more. I work full time as a Probation Officer as well as running my business as a bridal make up artist. Completely different roles, but each one is something I am extremely passionate about. I work long hours, in a stressful environment Monday to Friday and I then devote most of my evenings and weekends to my brides. I pride myself on going above and beyond and doing anything I possibly can to help my brides. Being a Probation Officer means that I have skills in managing difficult and complex situations and so nothing really phases me. I can calm peoples nerves and anxieties, make them feel more comfortable and most importantly – laugh. Making my brides look beautiful is of course my main priority, but keeping them calm, helping them to enjoy getting ready to walk down the aisle and creating memories as well is probably my main achievement so far. 


If you were to win, what would this do for your wedding business?

I work extremely hard and to the highest of my personal standard and to win this award and be recognised as someone who puts their all into their job would be out of this world. More importantly, to have the opportunity to hear feedback from my clients is something I value tremendously.

I came into this industry and I have been so lucky to be awarded highly commended in 2016 and 2017. Last year blew my mind with winning the award. To have the opportunity to potentially do this again would mean so much to me, I struggle to put into words exactly how much. The impact for my business by winning last year was astonishing. I am hoping to achieve more as a make up artist, and one day be able to be a make up artist full time in order to fully devote myself to this industry – winning this award would be another step in the direction to make this dream of mine a reality. 


How many weddings have you completed from 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018