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Category: Make-up Artist


Trading: 3 Years


What do you most love about running your wedding business?

Ever since I remember I wanted to be a make up artist and by doing what I love in the bridal industry has been a dream come true.

I dipped my toe in the make up industry after leaving school and studying hair and beauty at college in Bath. This gave me an insight into the industry and I contemplated moving to London to study Make up artistry, however I never took the plunge and always regretted it. After having some inheritance from a family member I decided to put it in to some additional training and do a bridal hair and make up course at BAMM which was great to help give me the confidence to start out in the business.

Although I was nervous to start out in the industry, that nervousness before attending a wedding has been replaced with an excitement that I am part of making someones big day so special and helping then to feel the best that they ever have.

I pride myself in the work that I do and the commitment I put in to ensure that their day runs smoothly. I like to think that I am part of helping with time management and ensuring they are ready for the big moment of putting their dress on in good time.
I have been told that I am calming to have around and I fit into the bridal party like I am a good friend. This sort of feedback makes me very proud and happy.

All of the above also compensates for the 4am wake up calls and working most weekends. I love it so much that all of this is a small price to pay to do what I love so much.


What has been your biggest achievement in business so far?

I was asked to do the make up for a bridal make up shoot for Specsavers magazine.

This was fantastic fun and the buzz of being part of such a huge article was great. I loved every minute of it and hope to do more photoshoots in the future.
When I saw the magazine I felt so proud, however not as proud as when my daughter took the magazine in to school for her ‘show and tell’ and gushed about how amazing her mummy was.


If you were to win, what would this do for your wedding business?

My business has grown at a much faster speed then I ever thought possible, however having this accreditation behind me would open more doors for me and would hopefully enable me to be able to make this my sole employment.
Being recognised by the award would enhance my credibility and give my brides a greater confidence in the Make up service that I offer.


How many weddings have you completed from 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018